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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day's in Paradise

Well our days in paradise are about over :( We have been having such a wonderful time! Today we plan on getting as much sun as possible. Yesterday we went to the Hilton Hotel just down the road to play in their pool. They have a dolphin encounter that I was going to have Allyson participate in but at over 200.00 a person, I figured that was out of the question! We still got to see the dolphins, so that worked out just fine. The Hilton resort is HUGE. Lots of restaurants, 3 large pools and a man made beach/lagoon. One of the pools has slides that were just Allyson's size, it was so much fun for her. We spent most of our time at the beach. We rented a kayak and floated around the lagoon. We saw lots of fish, a turtle and a little Mana Ray. We had dinner at a restaurant called Roy's, which we eat at when we went to Kauai 11 years ago with Larry's mom. It was the BEST meal that I have ever had! I actually eat ribs off the bone and sushi!

The day before yesterday, we spent the whole day at the pool and beach with friends that live on the Island. It was a great day, Allyson played with their boys 3 and 6, while my girlfriend and I caught up on old and new times! We tried to go visit her yesterday, but not more than 20 minutes into the road trip Allyson got car sick again. I hope she makes it to the airport without getting sick. So I am off to get my coffee and have a little morning stroll with Allyson.



BethieJ said...

ALOHA!! Sounds like a WONDERFUL trip!!! Thanks for sharing the photos!!! Hope Buggy didnt get car sick on the way to the airport!
That is so neat you got to see your friend and catch up!!!
Was it REALLY 11 years ago.. sigh... seems like just yesterday.. and I cant believe that about the Ribs ;) I still remember our dinner there when we went! it was DELISH!! Ok I wrote a novel! :)
Love to all!!!

TCSD said...

What a wonderful vacation for all of you. I am so happy for you.
Unbelievable that these past 11 years have flown by - that was a fun trip also.
Wish we could import some of that beautiful sunshine :)
Have a GREAT Thanksgiving.