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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat!

What a fun night we had last night! Allyson was dressed as Hello Kitty who was dressed as a Butterfly! She looked so ADORABLE! I was worried she wasn't going to keep the costume on, but she was totally into it! She was meowing all the way down the hill - it was super cute! We started the evening off by having my mom over for dinner. We then headed down the hill to Tom and Peggy's house and hit the houses in their area. I wasn't sure how Allyson would do if she would be scared or go for it? She has been practicing her "Trick or Treat" all month. She did so great, except she would not say trick or treat to the people handing out the candy, but would say it right after knocking on the door. She did say a very big THANK YOU after getting the candy in her bucket! She was SO excited to be getting candy from everyone.
We ended the evening at Tom and Peggy's house visiting with them as well as Mary, Tony, Ella and Parks. So here are a few photos from our night!


BethieJ said...

Oh she looks so CUTE!! So does mom!! :) Sounds like a FUN night!!!

The Simon Family said...

Soooo cute Kim:) Love it!

TCSD said...


Mara Campbell said...

SOOOO cute Kimmie!! Looks like you had a great Halloween!

Hope all is well with you!!