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Friday, November 13, 2009


Aloha main landers! I thought that I would take this opportunity to sit and blog - kind of use it as my travel journal for myself and share some photos and things we are doing here. Larry and Allybug are napping right now and I don't seems to be able to fall asleep?! So yesterday we arrived after two flights. Five and 1/2 from Portland and about 35 minutes from Honolulu. We were greeted with RAIN, can you believe it! It was still warm, but RAIN! WHAT! The gal at the gate said that there was a flash flood warning out for that evening! So on to the car rental place. We got our car and headed down the road to our resort. The landscape here is very different, volcanic rock every where. Black rock surrounds you. People gather up little white rocks and spell things or make pictures with them on top of the black rock. You can see it all along the freeway.
So we arrived at the resort about 4:30ish Kona time, we were each greeted with a beautiful floral lay, a cool towel and a wonderful tropical drink (missing the booze though!)A gentlemen greeted Allyson with a basket of toys in which she could choose three items out of. She got a little beach ball, shovel and bucket and a stuffed turtle. It was so sweet!
The resort is amazing right on the beach! Our room has an ocean view and a view of the surrounding property. We had cocktails and dinner out on the terrace in between rain showers last night.

First full day started with Breakfast at the resort, which we plan on eating in the room, just haven't made it to the store yet. Once we were done with breakfast we headed out to discover our surroundings. Once we were finished with our walk we suited up and headed down to the pool and beach. The sun didn't look like it was going to come out, but YEA!! It did!! Allyson had the time of her life! She just loves to be in the pool (what kid doesn't) Larry and I had an adult beverage poolside! Best Pinacalada Ive ever had! After drinks and lunch at the pool we headed to the beach for Allyson's first swim in the ocean. She wasn't to sure at first and still is a bit hesitant, but did try to swim a little bit. She was getting VERY cranking and bossy, so we tried to get her to take a nap in one of the hammocks, but she ended up falling out of it!!! Much to my surprise she didn't cry at all! It was then we decided to head up to our room and get her to nap. She fought it, but is now snoring away! We have cocktail and appetizer hour this evening and then I am not sure what else after that, but I SOOO did not want the day to end!

Well that wraps up day 1 and 1/2! Going to do some site seeing tomorrow! Chow for now!


BethieJ said...

Sounds like a FABULOUS TIME!!! Cant wait to hear about the rest of it!! Take that rain.. we may get SNOW! BOO! it was snowing 15 miles North of us about 2 hours ago! NOOOO SNOW! LOL!!
Have a GREAT TIME!!!
love you guys!!!

TCSD said...

What a wonderful vacation you are all having. The pictures say it all!
Bring the sun home with you - it is 28 degrees here this morning :(