Shabby Miss Jenn

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I am at home with my sick little Bug & she is the type of sick that she is NOT down for the count, so she thinks she has the energy to do things, but really doesn't so she just is crying and whining alot!! She took her first dose of Antibiotics today, so hopefully she will improve tomorrow. She doesn't have anything major, just trying to fight off a viral infection.
So THANK GOD, she is sleeping right now, so getting a few things done. Trying to make a Salsa, sit in the sun do a little workout and post on my blog before she wakes up!

I am going to post some digi pages of things that we have done this summer. Totally bummed because somehow, I deleted all my June photos!!!! Anyone know how I can get them back?

Wishing my MOM a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today! Hope you are having a good one! Look forward to seeing you on Fri/Sat!

By the way I am now completely addicted to using TEMPLATES to make my digi pages now. Helps me get them done and in a book!!