Shabby Miss Jenn

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wii Fit Board!

I almost forgot, I got the Wii Fit Board and system for an Anniversary gift!! I was really surprised! He really does pay attention to what I say!!! I have been on it every day! I have even woke up early to get a little time in before Ally wakes up! I don't know if anyone out there does Yoga, but let me tell you that is NOT easy. I really am not to happy to realize how out of shape I actually am?!!


I know I have been slacking on my posts!!! We have been outside enjoying the weather so much, that I haven't had much time to be on the computer. So We started off July by heading down to Long Beach/Ocean Park for the 4th weekend. We had such a great time at Tree and Greg's cabin. I may or may not of had a little to much fun Saturday Night! Let's just say Sunday morning was NOT FUN!!!!!

Last weekend we spend out at the cabin. We took the boat out on Saturday. Alex went with us to get some boarding in. It was such a nice relaxing time. I even got on the board for about a minute or two, it was just too choppy for this fat and out of shape girl! I did pull Larry which I usually do not like to do, makes me nervous to drive the boat, but I did a fine job and he got some boarding in! The weather was super hot, so we were thankful to be out on the water!

Well that is about it for now. The photos are of Alex Fulton behind the boat!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Scroll Down?!


So I didn't pay attention to the order in which I posted my chain of events. So for it to really make sense to you SCROLL down to the Post titled "Finally Another Post" and then scroll up, should make perfect sense then!

When we got back from Idaho we headed to Lake Merwin for a camping weekend with Steve and Diane Fulton. It was a different trip, first of all we had SUN and it was blazing HOT!! Thank goodness for the long boat ride! The other difference in this trip was that there were no Fulton boys. Alex had to work and Ian was in Cali, so it was very low key! We really just relaxed and eat! While we were on our boat ride we got the amazing experience of getting up close and personal with 3 Bald Eagles! It was so unreal! Worth the trip right there!

Our next journey took us to Idaho to visit some of the Points' family. We spent our time with Uncle Herb, Aunt Marta, Jordy (Lou), Chad, Mona and kids. We intended to go to a family reunion that was being held close by, which we did get to for about an hour. It was great to see a few more of my Aunts. We enjoyed our visit and the SUN!! Which wasn't showing itself so much around here at the time.

This photo is of Allyson, Alexia (Chad's daughter) and Lou (Todd's Daughter) Lexi was made up by Lou to resemble Mulan from a Disney Cartoon. This was taken in Grandma Marta's bathroom. Shortly after this photo the girls decided to jump off the vanity on to the floor and Allyson had to get in on the action too! She jumped into Mommy's arm and not on the floor. Hey it gets her to count, so all in the name of education right!!!

Finally another post!

Hello All,

I know it has been a bit of time since my last post! We have been gone so much that I have not had much time to sit down and blog! So here I go for the longest post ever.

We started off the month of June by heading off to Seattle to celebrate Larry's mom's 60th birthday. The party was a great success, Bethie did such a wonderful job putting the party together!