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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Scrappy Stuff

Card for Brother-In-Law. Which I love how this turned out!

Larry's Card from Me
Larry's Card from Allyson - made the Beaver with Cricut's Winter Frolick but added the teeth.
One of my favorite layouts of all time. I LOVE this photo of Allyson, she looks so beautiful.
Card for Auncie Nancie!
Card for the neighbor that gives us eggs from their chickens!

So the scrappin mojo was a flowing a little while back and this is the outcome. I am now sort of slumping, but I have TONS of supplies that I intend on using before that are no longer fashionable, so must find the mojo once again! OK, more posts below, post catch up today!
Thanks for stopping by!

Weekend Trip to Portland

In February we had an opportunity to stay in downtown portland for a work related function. We stayed at then Benson Hotel and it was fabulous! The FABULOUS Chelsie and Derrick came two nights to watch Allyson for us in the hotel room while Larry and I attended the evening functions together, which the food at the Benson Hotel was to die for!!!! Every meal we eat was amazing!! During the day Larry attended meetings and Allyson and I got to play tourists! What a funny experience to be a tourist in Portland, I acutally lived in Portland just out of high school, so the city is not new to me, but I saw it thru different eyes that weekend.

First Tooth!

Well you all know by now that Allyson lost her first tooth, but didn't post any photos. We had a hard time getting just the right shot. Enjoy! and Loves!