Shabby Miss Jenn

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Long Time no post!

Not to much going on here, just getting ready for Allyson's B-Day party. I have a bad habit of over doing it and this year is not exception! I have some random photos posted below of what we have been upto lately. Have a good day!

This first photo is of my latest layout. Allyson has decided that all trees need a HUG! She is just such a silly little thing!
Here we are making cookies and Allyson getting to lick the spoon for the first time!

This photo is of the sunrise. How AMAZING is that !

And this is of Allyson getting her hands of the box of Nesquick Coco mix. Larry and I were deep in coversation and not paying attention, but I did notice that she kept saying MMMM! Well needless to say she was in Coco Heaven! You can see all the powder on the coloring book and little finger marks thru it, this is from her taking hand fulls and shoveling it into her mouth!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Complete Sillyness!

So we are a bit of the Simpson's fan in this household (I am sure that I shouldn't really admit that?!) But last year when the Simpson's Movie came out, they had this website that you could go to and "SIMPSONIZE" yourself. So OF COURSE I had to do it! And here is something else that I shouldn't admit, but The Simpson's Movie was Allyson's first movie at a movie theater. She LOVED it! She watched about 45 mintues of it and then fell asleep on Daddy's lap.
I really want to scrap these but need to find the perfect paper and such.

Larry (Looks alot like Jimmy don't you think)

What is sad about this is that it looks alot like me?!

AHH! How Cute is she!!


Just wanted to share a photo that is a repeat for most of you, but someone at work wanted to see the Kitchen set that Larry made for Allyson last year for Christmas. This year I have him assigned to making me a Birthday gift - New Wall Unit for my Scrapbooking Room!!! YEA FOR ME!! Can you believe that he did this from scratch, no drawing, just a photo from the Pottery Barn Cat. He is so darn talented.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Latest Project

I just had to share this cute little tree that I did. I got the idea from a magazine that Bethie turned me on to. Here is a link to her blog She is so talented!! I made all the little felt ornaments, it was so much fun!! I also have a photo of how I attached some of the ornaments to the tree. I found these in the curtain section at Walmart. I am now addicted to them and am brainstorming different ways I can use them!! Well I am off, Larry is having Football Thursday at the house today so going to go help him get ready!

Trick or Treat!

OK, so finally getting a quick moment to post! I got whatever Allyson got on Halloween, and have not been 100% and have not been around the computer much this week. So my photo's were not that fabulous this year, she was not a willing participant! and we only got to go to one house the neighbor. She looked very cute in her costume made by Grandma Tutu (thanks very much) She was Little Red Riding Hood this year. OK, got to run time to get ready for work, but today is my FRIDAY!!!