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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Long Time no post!

Not to much going on here, just getting ready for Allyson's B-Day party. I have a bad habit of over doing it and this year is not exception! I have some random photos posted below of what we have been upto lately. Have a good day!

This first photo is of my latest layout. Allyson has decided that all trees need a HUG! She is just such a silly little thing!
Here we are making cookies and Allyson getting to lick the spoon for the first time!

This photo is of the sunrise. How AMAZING is that !

And this is of Allyson getting her hands of the box of Nesquick Coco mix. Larry and I were deep in coversation and not paying attention, but I did notice that she kept saying MMMM! Well needless to say she was in Coco Heaven! You can see all the powder on the coloring book and little finger marks thru it, this is from her taking hand fulls and shoveling it into her mouth!


BethieJ said...

Oh Kimmie! I LOVE that LO, and the photos are so cute.. that sunrise is BEAUTIFUL!! and the Cocoa is soooo CUTE!! hee hee! Cant wait to see that scrapped!!!
Thanks again for coming up to the party!!! Hope the drive home was fast and easy!!
See ya in a couple weeks!!!
love to all!!

Aunt T. said...

Hey, Miss Ally sure looks like you in some of the pictures. I need to up date my blog too. I do really good, Then get busy I guess. I hope you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving. Love Aunt T

trimultisports said...


Love the bare belly pics best :)

HAPPY Thanksgiving - see you next weekend.


BethieJ said...

Love to ALL!! See ya at BUGS PARTAY next weekend!!!!

BethieJ said...

LOVE the new blog header!!
We are looking forward to saturday!! You all ready?!!
have a GREAT rest of the week!!!
love to all!

Mara Campbell said...

Such cute photos!!! I love the photo of her licking the spatula. TOO cute!