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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Latest Project

I just had to share this cute little tree that I did. I got the idea from a magazine that Bethie turned me on to. Here is a link to her blog She is so talented!! I made all the little felt ornaments, it was so much fun!! I also have a photo of how I attached some of the ornaments to the tree. I found these in the curtain section at Walmart. I am now addicted to them and am brainstorming different ways I can use them!! Well I am off, Larry is having Football Thursday at the house today so going to go help him get ready!

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BethieJ said...

KIMMIE! I LOVE IT!! that turned out soooo darn cute!!! I want to make one!! hee hee!!! :)
I am going to have Steve burn your CD of photos this weekend.. will get that sent out monday!!
Have a GREAT weekend!
love to all!