Shabby Miss Jenn

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our next journey took us to Idaho to visit some of the Points' family. We spent our time with Uncle Herb, Aunt Marta, Jordy (Lou), Chad, Mona and kids. We intended to go to a family reunion that was being held close by, which we did get to for about an hour. It was great to see a few more of my Aunts. We enjoyed our visit and the SUN!! Which wasn't showing itself so much around here at the time.

This photo is of Allyson, Alexia (Chad's daughter) and Lou (Todd's Daughter) Lexi was made up by Lou to resemble Mulan from a Disney Cartoon. This was taken in Grandma Marta's bathroom. Shortly after this photo the girls decided to jump off the vanity on to the floor and Allyson had to get in on the action too! She jumped into Mommy's arm and not on the floor. Hey it gets her to count, so all in the name of education right!!!

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