Shabby Miss Jenn

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Decorations and Buggy's Party

Well how did that happen, the month of December almost gone and not a single post!? Well here are a handful of photos from this month. Haven't scrapped much or taken many photos, better get with it for the new year!!!


BethieJ said...

FABULOUS photos Kimmie!! So FUN seeing you all this weekend!!!
See you again SOON!!!
Love to the family!!

TCSD said...

What a GREAT party this was!
Your home is like a Christmas wonderland! Thanks for sharing all the fun, food and festivities.
Much love to you, Bug & Larry - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Mara Campbell said...

Happy Holidays Kimmie!! Great photos of the birthday party, I just love the spongebob cake!!! Hope you and your family have a fabulous New Year!