Shabby Miss Jenn

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In search of!

This past Sunday we headed out to get our Christmas Tree. The weather was not nice at all! We headed for the Schrock's Christmas Tree lot on Ocean Beach Hwy. I just love there trees. We got our tree from there last year and loved it. We basically got the first tree we saw last year and ended up with the second tree we saw this year! It is about 81/2 feet tall and just about perfect! I have it all decorated and love how it turned out, except I can not get my fake snow to stay on the branches. Usually I will throw snow that you use for villages on the tree and it will gather on the branches, but this year I didn't have much luck. OK, better run, I think that besides a few tweaks here and there I finally have my house all decorated for the season. It is going to stay up until the New Year, after all that work. We are suppose to get snow this week!! I hope they are right!!! Sounds like a snow party at the Timmons' household!


BethieJ said...

OHHH I LOVE the photos! That one of Larry and Buggy is soooo SWEET!!! Looks like some GOOD trees!!!!
Have a GREAT day!!
love to all! and Happy Holidays!!!

Mara Campbell said...

Cute photos!!! I can't wait to get our tree, too. I love the smell!!

Mara Campbell said...

BTW I just nominated you for a blog award. Go check out my blog for details!!

Unknown said...

Oh isnt she beautiful! What a great Tree trip!