Shabby Miss Jenn

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Big Pink Pirate Party!


I do believe the Pink Pirate Party was a success. Other than the fact that Allyson was on sensory overload! She LOVED her Pirate ship and wanted to spend the whole party in the boat! The kids loved to be inside the boat as well. We had a house full! It was great. Thanks to Tutu and the Johnson crew for setting your sails to the party! We are so blessed and thankful for all our friends and family. After the party wrapped up we headed to dinner with Steve, Beth and the kiddos. MEXICAN! Thanks guys! And Justin I have your jacket in a box ready to ship out to you tomorrow! Now if I could stay out of the leftover party food I would be happy, but who can resist a PIRATE SHIP cake!


Aunt T. said...

What a lucky little girl. Did you make the cake ? I have a cake book for you and some stuff for Ally so I'll get it off soon. Take care Aunt T. I am really Proud of what a good Mom you are.

Granpops said...

Great party, Thanks

The Simon Family said...

You truly amaze me. The party looked like so much fun. I can not believe you had a pirate ship!!! And that cake!! How cool. Wish we could have been there. Much love:)

trimultisports said...


Terrific party!! You and Larry never cease to amaze me with your creativity and talent! Loved the pirate ship and all of your beautiful decorations.
Ally Bug is a lucky girl!

Love to all,

BethieJ said...

We had a GREAT time too!!! I LOVED all the decorations... I want a ship at my next party! :) THANKS for mailing the jacket!
See ya SOON!!!
love to all!

Mara Campbell said...

OMG did you make that cake????? FANTASTIC!!! And seriously, you'd never get me out of that pirate ship. That is TOO cool! Want to have me and Beth over to drink margartias in that pirate ship? Hee Hee Hee!!!

Seriously, looks like you had a fantastic party!! ARRRRGGGGG, Me Matey!