Shabby Miss Jenn

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Halloween Page

This is from last year's Trick or Treating fun. Grandma TuTu made Allyson's costume and it was so ADORABLE!!!! I just love this Digi Kit. I can't tell you where I got it from because I deleted the information page. Can't wait to see what Tutu comes up with this year. I have asked her to make a Little Red Riding Hood costume!

OK, got to run!


Zoa said...

Hi Kimmie! {Beth sent me over to look} your stuff is gorgeous! I love the Halloween page- too cute!!!

BethieJ said...

Kimmie! That is sooo CUTE!!! LOVE it girl!!! I cant wait to see her this year I am sure she will be so DARN CUTE!!!
Looking forward to our 1st pumpkin patch trip together!!! YEAH!!!
Have a GREAT day!!
love to all!

BethieJ said...

OH I gotta go get your blog set too~ I LOVE it.. so FUN AND FALLY!!
Ok I am done now!! :) hee hee!!

trimultisports said...


LOVE all the Autumn pics - the lake pic with Buggy peaking is soooo cute!

Kiss my ANGEL for me :)