Shabby Miss Jenn

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thursday we meet Daddy for dinner after work and afterwards it was Mommy and Ally time. We started out going to the lake to play on the new toys that just opened up. She had a blast climbing, even though it was a little tough in that princess dress! Next on the to do list was to feed the ducks. We have tried this before but she didn't really get the concept for some reason. This time she had a BLAST! She did scare me a bit, she would run after them and get right on the bank of the lake!! But got myself some great photos!! The last stop was ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery!! YUMMY! She ended up very sick the next day and we had to stay home from school and work. I know she was going to get something after playing on the new toy! But luckily it only lasted less than 24 hours! She was good to go the next day!

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BethieJ said...

Oh Kimmie I ADORE this.. and looky the pretty princess at the park! SO CUTE!! Now where are the new toys at? Will have to check them out next time we are down!!