Shabby Miss Jenn

Sunday, October 10, 2010


So first up is this priceless photo! I was sitting at the computer and Allyson came to me with the Meat Thermometer in her mouth as though she was checking her temperature! SO OF COURSE I had to capture that on film!! She is so stinking funny!
I just thought she looked very cute in this photo and such a big girl. She loves to swing so much her favorite right now.
I love the crooked smile on her face as she poses with her play dough creation.

This is my fun little Felt monster that I made. Inspired by Betsy Veldman over at PTI. So her's is WAY WAY cuter but I thought this was pretty cute. Don't know what I am going to do with it, but cute none the less!

Here is Allyson with Uncle Justin (Unlce J). We got such a treat to be able to see Justin a few weeks ago. He was out with his Girlfriend Kelsey who was attending a wedding of her best friend. Justin came bearing gifts, for the adults, donuts from Voodoo Doug nuts! Yummy! Next a super fun play dough set and Dolly for Allyson! We so miss you Justin and thanks for fitting us into your busy visit! Can't wait to see you again soon!

I thought this was a cool random pic. The last signs of summer my petunia on it's last "leg"!

This was a gift I made for my mom using the "From the Desk Of" template over at PaperTrey Ink. I made the flowers just from white card stock and sprayed them with Glimmer Mist. I made the tag using my slice. I am so making this one for myself. I LOVE the pink and chocolate color combo. I filled it up with makeup for the most perfect girly gift! SO mondo post I know but I had to get caught up! Now I better get taking more photos or make something so I will have something to blog about!!


BethieJ said...

Kimmie I am LOLing at that 1st photo of Ally! OH MY GOSH! she is to FUNNY! YEAH mom for getting it on flim.. she sure is growing up FAST! Tell her auntie said SLOW DOWN! I LOVED your moms gift! FABULOUS!!!
Hope you have a GREAT day.. now I gotta scroll down this blog.. I saw something about a Halloween tree!!
Love to all!

The Simon Family said...

Kimmie I love all the photos! Ally is full of personality:) Thanks again for all your help with the invites. I have had a ton of compliments!!