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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wow, I can hardly believe that the year of 2008 has come and gone! Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of Larry and I's first date! He had a house party for New Years at his little house on 21st. It was PACKED!! His house was 1100 square feet and packed with about 50 people all dancing in the living room to White Zombie!!! Those were the days!!! Little did he relize he was not going to be able to get rid of me!! What a great memory! Today I have been a mad woman getting Christmas Boxed up and the house cleaned up from the Holiday crazyness. I am still not completely done with the cleaning?! I rang in the New Year by myself, Larry was in bed by 10:00, oh well, I stayed up and scrapped a little and watched the Ball drop in NYC. We were invited to a few parties, but I have been really sick so I was not really up for leaving the house.
I will post some photo's from Christmas next time, but wanted to wish all a Happy 2009! Tomorrow is my Birthday, so I think I am going to go on an unauthorized shopping trip to MICHAELS!! Do you think I will get in trouble?!


trimultisports said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR Kimmie, Larry & Bug!!


Only 13 years? I thought you had been a wonderful part of our family FOREVER :) Have a great birthday - you deserve a shopping day at Michael's. Tell your hubby his Momma ok'd it :)

LOVE to all,

BethieJ said...


I agree head to Mikes and have some FUN GIRL!! and you tell him not only did his Momma ok it but so did his Sister.. so what is that 3 of us to 1, and you KNOW Bug is on our team 4 to 1 you gotta go girl! Do share what you got! :)
Enjoy your day!
love to all!!!!

Mara Campbell said...

Happy New year Kimmie!!! Hope you had a great birthday!!!

And yes, you SHOULD go that's 5 on your team! LOL!!!