Shabby Miss Jenn

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Above I have a few photo's from our weekend at Hood's Canal with the Johnson Family and Papa and DeDe. We had such amazing weather! We really spent most of the weekend outside. Allyson enjoyed spending time sitting on the rocky beach and throwing rocks into the water. She also enjoyed spending time with her Auntie and cousins. Thanks for the fun weekend!


BethieJ said...

CUTE photos Kimmie (I will need copies of the ones of Buggy and me, and the daddies and Amanda PLEASE!)!! It was a FUN weekend!! - I got your photos sent today! Should be there monday!!! :)
LOVE the blog!! I bought myself a set! I cant figure out the background yet, but I got the header thingy up!! You have helped create a monster! I SHOPPED at her site last week! :)
Hope all is well!
Have a GREAT weekend!!!
love ya!

BethieJ said...

oh and the one of auntie an buggy! :)Please and Thank you!
Back to cleaning!
Happy Weekend!