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Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Big Girl!

This past weekend we spent out at our cabin on the River. Larry spent two days of hard labor creating two new flower beds to which he added Aborvites. Ten in total. In the middle of the project we were informed by our neighbors that the Beavers LOVE these little cedar treats and many neighbors have lost theirs to the Beavers! Needless to say, Larry continued to plant away and finished them off with the oh so lovely wire cages in hopes to keep the critters out. Regardless the beds look so beautiful!
This photo is from this last weekend. Allyson had such a great time. She just loves it out there! She actually got truely dirty for the first time! She had on a new shirt that I am sure is a total loss, but a 3.99 shirt from Target was worth the sacrafice to get such a precious photo! She looks like such a big girl! I think this is truely the first time she has smiled for the camera upon my request. She is starting to get the concept a little more! She now will take the camera and say "cheese" which is funny because I never use that reference with her at home. I think it must be from Daycare! Funny what they pick up! OK, so I have written a book, must go!

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