Shabby Miss Jenn

Monday, June 2, 2008

Potty Time!

Hey everyone out there! I am sure to any of you that have had childern you can relate to this photo! The days of Potty Training are upon us! She has been receptive to it, but is not doing much to let us know when she needs to go potty. But give the situation, it is going to take a bit longer to get her trained. The good thing is she loves the Potty Chair and washing her hands so I've got that going for me! As you can tell from this photo she LOVES to take the T.P. off the roll as well! Doesn't she have such a guilty look on her face! OK, I better run it's Monday and time to get back to work and daycare, can you all believe that it is really JUNE already! So much for not having another FAT summer, oh well, I'll get there someday!


The Simon Family said...

Oh my goodness! That is soooo cute. She is such a doll and boy does she know how to ham it up:) Love it!

BethieJ said...

Kimmie that is the CUTEST photo!! Go BUGGY GO!!! (literally! LOL!!)- LOVED the layouts!! So CUTE!!! You have been a busy girl!!!
Love to all!!!