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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Busy Busy!

Hello All,

Well here we are into the second week of June and the weather feels more like the 2nd week of November! I am so sick of being stuck inside!! We are keeping a close eye on the Kalama, with all the rain and previous snow melt off, the water level is high out at the cabin. I can't complain to much, the poor people in the midwest losing there houses to flooding is just horrible!
We had a busy weekend here this past weekend. We had a Garage Sale, which was not as successful as I thought it was going to be, but I guess I should of expected it, living so far out! We ended up being able to cover the ad we placed in the paper and a night out on the town. We took Allyson to see Kung Fu Panda. She did ok, but we had a few antsy moments! Larry and I thought the movie was very cute and funny!
Allyson is getting close to being done with school for the summer, this Friday is her last pre-school session and she has one more Gross Motor session and then it's summer break! I am really looking forward to the break in running around! Her teachers were very pleased with her progress this year and gave us ideas on how to keep things going over the break. Well not much else to report. Everyone have a good week and keep your fingers crossed for SUNSHINE this weekend!


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BethieJ said...

So shall we all move to Cali now?!!! Dang this rain is driving me crazy!!! ANYWAY!!! :) it will be GONE by tomorrow right.. no rain on our partay weekend!! hee hee!!
I LOVE the layouts of sweet Buggy!!! You have been busy!!!
Just wanted to say HI!! Off to workout and CLEAN!! We will see ya SOON!!!!
love to all!!!!