Shabby Miss Jenn

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just a quickie!

Just a quick post to say a BIG CONGRATS to my mom for passing her Reflexology test! I am super proud of you for reaching your goal. You are a ROCK! I need a photo of you so I can make you a ROCK STAR layout! OK, here is a digi page of my little dancer! Have a good night!


BethieJ said...

Oh Kimmie~ that is such a CUTE layout! Buggy looks so sweet in her tu-tu!!
CONGRATS to your mom!
happy friday!

trimultisports said...

BEAUTIFUL ballerina ;)


Sally Bartlett said...

Hi Kim!

Is Alyson taking dance lessons? If so, where and with which teacher? I think Katie would love long as she had a patient teacher! :)

Are you guys at all considering joining us for Camp Primetime, July 10-12? It'd be soooo wonderful to have you all along for the fun!

Miss you!


Mara Campbell said...

That is such a cute layout and such a cute tutu!!! And I love that spring wreath you made in the post below. You've been busy!!!