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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where has time gone!

So it has been over a MONTH since my last post!!! Wow, what a complete slacker I have been. So brace yourself as I get you all caught up!

Not to much exciting here, just really the usual, except for the fact that we have gotten WAY more snow this year than is necessary. I have SPRING FEVER so bad!! I usually can take the rain, without much complaint, but this year we have been so COLD, that I just want to warm my toes in the sunshine! Larry celebrated his 39th Birthday in March. We had friends up for a nice dinner (which he ended up cooking?!) that was the 7th of March and that evening our friends were worried they would not be able to make it down, because it was SNOWING A BLIZZARD!!! Needless to say it finally stopped and they made it home safely!

The first photo that I am posting is from the Valentine's Day Ball that Larry and I go. It is sponsored by NECA (National Electrical Contractor's Association) we usually go with Tom and Peg (which we did this year). It is held in this amazing Hotel in Portland, The Governor's Hotel. They start the evening off with cocktails and wonderful appetizers, then it is off to the Grand Ball Room for a 3 course meal, which is always amazing! They have a live band for dancing, just a wonderful evening! This year I decided to get really dressed up. I really do not like the photo of myself, but doesn't Larry look handsome!

I have done a few scrappy things. I have made a few Birthday cards and forgot to take a photo of them! But have a one page layout to share and the first few pages to a mini album that I am almost done with.

So hopefully you are still with me at this point! My camera went dead on me so I could not finish taking photo's of the little mini book, will post the rest once I get my hands on more batteries.

I got myself a new game for the Wii - Dance Dance Revolution Dance Party 2. Which I am instantly addicted to. I was trying to play it today and Allyson thought she needed to play as well! It was so cute, she has no clue how it works, but she LOVES to dance along! I should say BREAK DANCE she will get down on the ground and start Breakdancing it is so funny.

Today we drug Daddy to Portland for our first visit to the Children's Museum. It was very neat! They had a Bob the Builder exhibit that Allyson spent most of her time in. She was very afraid of everything at first, and started to come around just as we decided to head home. That will be on the must do again list this summer! Here are a few snapshots

Well that is it for now, thanks for sticking with me for the MONSTER post! Hope everyone is doing well! Hugs and Kisses.

Kimmy, Kimmie, Kim!


The Simon Family said...

Hey all your pics. Allyson is just such a big girl now! I love the pic of you and Larry. You look awesome...your working out must be going well. Keep it up sista:) Well I will be out in September. Probably the week of the 21st until about the 30th. So we will have to chat and figure out when would be a good time to drop in on you. Remember I will have two then so brace yourself!:) Love ya

BethieJ said...

Oh Kimmie I LOVE all you shared!! What a great photo of you and Larry.. your dress was BEAUTIFUL!! LOVE the LO!! and you know I LOVE the mini book!!!
Looks like Buggy had FUN at the childrens museum!!
Hope your weekend was GREAT! (we woke to SNOW... grrr.. gone now.. phew I agree no more winter.. bring on spring!!)
Love to all!!!

Aunt T. said...

BEAUTIFUL, HANDSOME AND CUTE. What more could you ask for.

trimultisports said...

Kimmie -
Great picture of you and Larry!You could title this "the Beautiful Princess and her Handsome Prince" :)
Buggie looks like a building contractor in training at the museum. Tell Larry to guard his shop, she looks right at home with that saw.
Keep praying for sunshine :)

Mara Campbell said...

Wow, you've been busy!!! That is a great pic of you and your hubbie, sounds like it was a fun night. I love that mini album that you shared!! Just wonderful. So glad you are doing well and hopefully spring will reach you soon!!