Shabby Miss Jenn

Monday, September 8, 2008

1st Bus Ride!

Can you believe it! Here my little Baby Bug is off for her first School Bus Ride! She LOVED it! She has been talking about the School Bus since last year and everytime we left school last year she wanted to get on the bus. Now she will have that chance every Monday morning. Of course I had to be there to be witness to the first trip. She was so cute when she got seated I could see she had a big smile on her face and she was wiggling around in her seat looking at the other kids. It was great! OK, she is napping and I am going to go get a little scrap time in before she wakes up! Have a good day!


trimultisports said...

I can't believe Ally Bug is riding a bus to school! She has grown up way too fast! Love the pictures :) She is so confident and sure of her self. A tribute her wonderful parents and all their love and guidance.
Happy School Days Bug :)


BethieJ said...

Kimmie~ is she not the CUTEST!! She looks like such a big girl! Tell her auntie said to STOP GROWING! :)
Amanda says tell Buggy I LOVE HER! She came and peeked too!
Hope all is well!!!
Love to all!!!

Aunt T. said...

Makes you want to follow the bus, How cute. Aunt T

The Simon Family said...

Ally can not be the big yet!! She is such a big girl and I have not seen her forever:( I still have a free ticket so I need to get something planned SOON!

Love ya